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At Haven Machines Co., we are passionate about FPV and are committed to providing the best possible equipment to our customers. Our team of experts uses the latest innovations to design and manufacture products that are both reliable and user-friendly. From cameras to transmitters, our products are rigorously tested to ensure that they perform at the highest level. Whether you're an experienced pilot or just starting out, you can trust Haven Machines to provide you with the best possible equipment for your FPV adventures. With a focus on customer satisfaction and a commitment to innovation, we are confident that you'll love what we have to offer.

Specially designed and perfectly matched components
    The drones are equipped with a carbon fiber frame that is rigid in both bending and twisting. Its ideal geometry enables the best aerodynamic performance, while the 5 mm thickness of the beams ensures maximum reliability and durability for the drone.
    We develop hi-end engines for our drones. The body is made of aluminum alloy with zinc as the main alloying element 7075Al. The shaft is made of titanium and the stator is made of Japanese steel. The motors are equipped with powerful N52 magnets. Winding with copper wire of the highest quality.
    DJI's premium video system with perfect digital imaging, along with a powerful 1200mW VTX video transmitter, delivers perfect picture quality up to 10 km.
    High-quality electronic speed controllers and flight controllers, protected against dust, moisture, and voltage surges according to IP54 standard
    True HD quality from Caddx & DJI will allow you to enjoy the beauty around. Forget about noise, interference, and pixels. Now you're in HD
    You will never have to worry about control difficulties again with TBS Crossfire receivers and GPS, which enables you to manage altitude, speed, and distance from the take-off point.
  • Quality control
    The equipment goes through 3 stages of quality control at the stages of production, assembly and pre-sale flight
  • Best components
    We use only the highest quality materials and components
  • Support
    Our managers will help you with any questions and problems both before and after the purchase of equipment
  • Price
    Best price on the market for similar configuration and performance
  • Protection against dust and moisture
    Our drones are IP54 protected. Light rain and dust will not harm your flight
  • Everything is ready
    Fully configured and ready to fly. You only need to install the propellers and connect the battery
Select model and modification
Choose one of the quadcopter model and the appropriate technical modification. Complete the kit with a battery, remote control, glasses (if you wish)
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Supply & Delivery
Due to production and international restrictions related to the coronavirus pandemic and shortage of materials, delivery of the drones may take 20 to 40 days. Thank you for understanding, we do our best to keep this time as short as possible :)
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