Haven BlackBird

Haven Machines Co.
We introduce to you the Haven BlackBird 5" quadcopter. BB is suitable for use in any terrain and in almost any weather. The latest Haven Machines equipment allows you to not only achieve the impossible in terms of distance and speed, but also to get a real pleasure to control.

BlackBird is equipped with hi-end engines Haven Goldheart engines, developed in collaboration with BrotherHobby, is one of the leading companies in the industry. A wide control range will allow you to fly at speeds up to 160 km/h.
TBS Crossfire receivers provide control of the quadcopter with virtually no range restrictions. Forget about the control issues.
The drone is equipped with high quality electronics from Haven x SkyStars. No power outages, just stable operation.
Caddx premium video system with perfect digital picture allows you to get a perfect picture up to 10 km.
The installed GPS-module allows you to control the height, speed and distance from the take-off place and in case of loss of connection or at the request of the pilot, the drone will return to the take-off place (GPS Rescue mode).

• IP54 protection. Small splashes and dust will not harm your flight;
• Video recording 720p HD 120FPS;
• Flight length over 5 km;
• Flight time up to 7-10 minutes;
• Haven firmware for PID controller;
• Reliable and rigid carbon X-frame for better handling;
• Durable polycarbonate propellers;
• Mounts for GoPro and other accessories for protection;
• Flight weight 411 g.

Don't worry about the setting up, we've already done it for you! All you need to do is to install the propellers and connect the battery. When you purchase a complete set with a remote control and goggles, we will set up and unlock the full power of these components.

• 5" carbon X-frame with 5mm beams;
• Haven Goldheart 2207-1720KV motors;
• Haven x SkyStars F4 flight controller;
• Haven x SkyStars KM50 32-bit speed controller;
• Caddx Nebula Pro Vista Kit digital system;
• TBS Crossfire Nano RX (SE) receiver;
• Haven 220 GPS.

All Haven quadcopters go through extensive testing before shipping to ensure the highest quality.
If you encounter a problem after receiving your package, please contact our Haven customer support service immediately via the feedback form on https://havenmachines.com/ or by writing to one of our contacts.
Haven Machine Co. is not responsible for problems with third-party DJI/Caddx equipment (video transmitters, goggles, radios, etc.) and must be reported directly to www.caddxfpv.com/pages/contact-us or www.dji.com/ support.